How can I feel less confused as a teen?

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by Nasser Albaqqal

How can I feel less confused as a teen?

Confusion is Normal

Do you feel confused as a teen? This is one of the most common emotions experienced in adolescents and young adults, I know firsthand. We start to ask questions and see our environment in a new light. There are many changes that happen during these years, of growing into an adult, both physically and mentally. That makes this a very confusing time in any person’s life. These changes are not only normal, they are an important part of growing up. But they can lead us to feel two things at one time or to feel unsure about what to do, or what we want from other people.

How to Combat Confusion

I found ways when I was a teen to feel less confused. They are very simple yet may seem hard in the beginning. First I found that talking to people I trust like my mom, teachers, a counselor at school, or, a therapist. I also looked for relationships with my friends and my siblings. But most important for me was confronting my confusing feelings head-on by asking questions every chance I could. Sometimes I felt embarrassed to not know things but it’s more embarrassing to not ask and be caught not knowing things when I could have just asked!

A lot of people look online for answers too. We hope that’s how you found! Online resources can be good, but like people, some sources are better than others. How do you know you can trust a person or an online source? The best way is to test the information. If someone gave you an answer that didn’t seem right, ask someone else, continue to seek answers. One thing I’m learning is that a lot of people are confused and trying to figure things out. It’s OK sometimes to not know. Eventually, though, you start to get a clearer picture.

This short video below by me delves deeper into how we can overcome confusion.

Confusion Short – Nasser

These are some general questions you can ask yourself to unravel your confusion:

  • What do I believe? Why do I believe it?
  • What do I catch myself daydreaming about? What clues can that give me about what’s important to me?
  • What’s my biggest fear? How can I address those fears (and who can help me) instead of feeling at the mercy of them?
  • What does my life mean to me? What do I want to get from it?
  • What makes me sad? How does my sadness help me understand myself deeper?
  • Do I like where I live and who I live with? Can I reimagine a better living situation I can give myself when I’m older?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • What do I enjoy doing for fun? What about work? Can I find a way to do both, have fun and do meaningful work?
  • Is work/school fun for me? Why or why not?
  • What are my values?
  • What makes me happy?

Confusion can be hard to cope with, but it is a natural and normal part of growing up. It is important to remember that it is ok to feel confused and not have all the answers. Asking meaningful questions can help you to get to the bottom of any confusion and open the gates to introspection. By understanding yourself better, you can gain the confidence to keep asking questions and tackling your confusion.

What’s your thinking?

Now that you know more about confusion, let’s take a moment to answer some questions and leave comments.

Your responses to the questions provided at the end of the post are anonymous and your identity is not collected. We only ask for the information you are comfortable providing and respect your privacy. Thank you for contributing your valuable insight!

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