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Bounce Back Generation recognizes that everyone’s experience with stress is different. But for some of us, stress is only the beginning. Nowadays, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the everyday stress and struggles that life throws our way. Whether it’s climate change, dealing with violence in our communities, or stress with homework and school.

Dealing with Stress and Trauma

When stress is ongoing it can become what is called toxic stress or chronic stress, and this wreaks havoc with our brains, bodies, emotions, and feelings about life. Then, there is trauma – trauma is when something overwhelmingly terrible happens and our brains and bodies can’t handle it at the time it happened. For many, we have unresolved trauma that we are adjusting to.

Bounce Back Generation thinks it’s important for all of us to learn about ourselves so we can manage our feelings and learn how to give context to suffering. The end goal is simply we want to feel more joy in our lives and stress, toxic stress, and trauma are hugely impacting us individually and as a generation.

Our Resources

BBG offers educational videos, podcasts, and blogs to help build resilience and cope with difficult emotions. We are on social media so that we can reach as many people as possible. We are based in the SF Bay Area but are here for all who find us. We offer resources such as our Building Blocks for Resilience, 6 things we all need to gain the foundation for getting stronger to deal with the tough things life puts in front of us. We deserve these things in our lives! They are Protection, Relationships, Coping Skills, Confidence, Belonging, and Storytelling. Check out our Topics page to learn more about how you can increase and improve all 6 of the Building Blocks.

BBG’s Mission Statement

We are an inclusive space and free to all. We especially reach out to kids growing up in public housing, which is where we started our programs over 10 years ago. We are those kids – living in rough neighborhoods and having to deal with things kids shouldn’t have to. As we learn how to cope, we share with you.

Barnie’s video below explains our mission to help as many people as possible so no one has to go through tough times alone. Follow Bounce Back Generation today and learn how to become more resilient and bounce back from tough times. You don’t have to suffer in silence, so let us be here to help you out.

We are Bounce Back Generation | About | By Barnie

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About Nasser Albaqqal

Nasser Albaqqal is a 22 year old immigrant from Yemen who has been working with BBG since 2022. A graduate of San Jose State University, he is passionate about empowering individuals, families, and organizations to bounce back from the effects of toxic stress and trauma. His goal is to spread knowledge and understanding about the power of resilience and provide practical tools and resources to help people rid themselves of bad habits as a response to stress. Through the work he does, Nasser hopes to create content and blogs that not only meet the needs of the audience, but also helps them build and launch long-term successful recoveries.


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