Trauma – Rewiring Our Brains Against It

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Trauma and its Affects

Trauma can be powerful and have a big effect on our brains. It can cause changes mentally and physically in the short term and long term. One big change is ‘rewiring’. It happens when trauma messes with the way our brain works. This can cause changes in behavior and emotions as our brains try to cope with new conditions and bad memories. It can make everything in life feel harder and even overwhelming.

Part of healing is going through processes that allow our brains to learn how to ‘rewire’ themselves and put the traumatic experience in the past so we can continue to live our lives Now. We were built to do this because our brains have something called “plasticity”, meaning we can change how we think. Our brains make new pathways to give us skills that build resilience, like problem-solving, new perspectives, and activities that help us feel we can heal. Eventually, for some, the traumatic experience can lead to a healing process that leaves them feeling they have gained some personal power and feel more prepared for the future.

How We Rewire Our Brains

We have to work to rewire our brains. This is the kind of process that works best with a professional who is trained to help us walk through our mental and emotional states and rewire and reorient how we see the event, and how we see ourselves. While we are healing, we also need to look after ourselves by eating right, getting enough sleep, and doing self-care stuff, like exercise and mindfulness.

If you are having a hard time getting over something, talk to someone you trust. Reach out. Never feel your trauma “was nothing”. If it has affected you, it was “Something”! Everyone is different and what may strongly impact one person, may have little effect on another. It’s like how some people are afraid of mice and some aren’t – no judgment. We are all built a little differently. Don’t compare yourself or your trauma to others. Trauma and our reaction to it are extremely personal to each of us.

Love and Fear

In this video below, Barnie shares a powerful message about how trauma and stress can affect our brains and bodies.

Love and Fear By Barnie – BBGTV Youtube

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