How to Understand and Stop Bullying

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What is Bullying?

Bullying is when someone tries to hurt or hurt another person either with words or with physical actions. It could be physical, verbal, or mental. And it could be done by one person or a group of people. Almost everyone has experienced some kind of bullying, and some have been bullies themselves. But this doesn’t make it OK or allow us to sweep the problem under the rug.

Why Do People Bully Others?

People bully for lots of reasons. Sometimes they do it to make themselves feel better or have control over someone else. Other times, they are trying to get attention from their friends. Bullying in many ways can be seen as an attempt to cover up poor self-esteem or pain caused by someone or something else. Sure, some people are just mean and cruel. But for most bullying is an unhealthy way to deal with negative feelings about ourselves. People who bully may not even realize what they are doing. Bullying is always about trying to create an imbalance of power, and it is almost used as a way to make someone feel crappy.

Why Does Being Bullied Suck?

Being bullied can cause a lot of emotional pain. Being targeted by someone or a group of people hurts! It can hurt even people who feel strong feel, feel worthless. It can lead to social isolation, bad grades in school, and problems with relationships. For me, being bullied leads to feelings of worthlessness and helplessness, which have had pretty darn serious long-term effects on my mental health. Bullying to me also had other consequences, like struggles in school, and some issues making healthy relationships.

How Can We Deal with Bullying?

It is important to remember that you are not alone in your experience of being bullied and that there are ways that you can cope and manage the situation. Here are some strategies for dealing with bullying:

  • Speak up: If you feel safe enough to do so, it is important to stand up for yourself and others by confronting the bully in their face. You can also speak to a trusted adult about the situation if you have one.
  • Remember your worth: Remind yourself and anyone getting bullied that you are valuable and worthy, no matter what someone else may say.
  • Avoid the bully: If you can, try to avoid the bully or place yourself in a position where they are unable to bully you.
  • Get help: Reach out for help to a teacher, parent, counselor, or other adult if you feel like you cannot handle the situation on your own.

How Can We Stop Bullying?

The best way to stop bullying is to take action and be part of the solution. Speak up for yourself and others who might be targets of bullying. Try to offer your support and friendship to those who are being bullied, and be kind to everyone. And also set an example with positive behavior to fight negative behaviors and attitudes.

I think that every school and after-school program has the responsibility to stop bullying. It shouldn’t be on the kids to manage aggressive behavior on their own. We should all expect more from adults to stop bullying because there are at least two kids who are probably hurting: the bully and the one being bullied.

If you or someone you know is being affected by bullying, please reach out for help. You shouldn’t have to deal with it alone! You deserve to be safe and protected.

There are many resources available, both online and off, that can offer support and advice for dealing with bullying, such as:

Remember you are not alone!

What’s your thinking?

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