The Potential of CalHope’s Mental Health Crisis Response Program

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Mental Health and CalHope?

CalHope is an emergency mental health program that gets funding from different sources, including state, county, and private foundations. It gives Californians help through its support teams, “peer specialists”, and resources all through a phone call. It also has prevention and wellness resources, like education, training, and advocacy all on its website. All of these services offer emotional help and community resources, as well as education and training for managing mental health crises.

Their Services

CalHope also provides ‘warm-lines’, instead of a ‘hot-line’, giving those who need help a trained volunteer peer to talk with on the phone or online. Through this, people can seek help free of pressure and being judged. 

They even have “crisis response teams” that can give in-person, on-site assessments and assistance. Peer-support specialists can give emotional support and help give you resource options. And even after all that, the warm-line provides a friendly environment and allows you to talk to trained volunteers without the worry of judgment or stress that may come with a ‘hot-line’. All of these services combine to form CalHope’s help system.

My experience

My personal experience with CalHope was very helpful. They informed me about what they could offer. Crisis response teams are beneficial in offering direct support, while peer-support specialists help find the necessary resources. The warm line creates a safe setting to speak out, which I found amazing. Visit their site at And see more resources on our website today!

What’s your thinking?

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