Trauma – How To Heal and Start Anew

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Reclaiming Your Life After Trauma

It’s understandable to feel numb and disconnected after experiencing traumatic events. But it’s important to break that cycle if you want to live a good life. Even if it feels hard, it’s worth taking the first step on the long journey of healing.

If you’ve been numbing yourself through substance abuse, like drugs, it’s not your fault. Those were ways of trying to deal with something too complicated. If you have been doing anything to distract you from the pain, it was your body’s way of handling something it was never meant to. What happened is in the past and now you can create a different future.

Having Faith That We Can Heal

You can take control of your well-being and don’t let life pass you by. Start to look for ways to cope with the trauma you’ve been through and allow yourself to feel alive again. Talk to a therapist or get help from other sources to discover better strategies, and take the time to identify and practice healthier coping skills. For anyone who has experienced trauma, taking the steps necessary to heal and reclaim your life is important.

Even if it doesn’t seem possible now, hope and a better future is still ahead. For people who have experienced extreme events, it’s also essential to have faith that we can heal and take charge of our lives. Believe that things can improve – there is still hope and a brighter future is there for us!

Barnie’s Video

In this video by Barnie, he encourages individuals who feel numb or are experiencing suicidal thoughts, to turn away from drug abuse, or bad relationships, and instead break the cycle of self-destructive behavior. 

He explains that oftentimes people who have gone through traumatic events can only feel alive when they are re-enacting it, but it’s important to remember you have your whole life ahead of you, so start now to make the changes needed. Read more about what you can do about Trauma on BBGTV’s resources page.

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