Can I Use Chat GPT as a Therapist?

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By Nasser

Can I Use Chat GPT as a Therapist? Yes, learn more about what’s available and the pros and cons here.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that makes smart machines, like humans, you’ve probably heard of Chat GPT. It uses algorithms to figure out patterns and to make decisions, just like our brains. AI is capable of voice recognition, natural language imitation, problem-solving, and much more. AI also helped create the survey at the end of this blog! But first, what are AI programs?

What is AI?

ChatGPT is a type of AI program. It uses “deep learning” to make responses that sound like people. AI does this by learning conversations until it can understand and reply intelligently to queries. It can understand what people say and respond in a way that makes sense by imitating a conversation with a human.

How can AI help create content for mental health and wellness topics?

I see a few ways that AI can be used to create content on mental health and wellness:

  • It can look through a lot of data to find trends and behavior about these topics. This gathering of data is used to create targeted content and resources for those dealing with mental health and wellness issues. 
  • AI is used to generate texts and conversations around mental health topics because it knows relevant topics. It can also make relevant content such as blog posts and articles that help individuals struggling with mental health issues. 
  • The rise of AI-powered bots can give us feedback and support through conversations like the one recently made by Snapchat. These bots can help people who are struggling with certain discussions and provide professional feedback. 

So Why Does this Matter?

All of this matters because AI has the chance to have a positive effect on mental health and wellness. It needs to be used responsibly though since any technology is abused when in the wrong hands. By taking advantage of what it can do good, I believe it can help create empowering and engaging experiences, especially for those seeking resources and support for mental health and wellness.

One AI ChatBot app I have used and think has great potential in the mental health space is Wysa.

BBG is not sponsored or affiliated with Wysa. But I have used it and think this free app is something you can give a try!

What’s your thinking?

Now that you know more about artificial intelligence, let’s take a moment to answer some questions and leave comments.

Your responses to the questions provided at the end of the post are anonymous and your identity is not collected. We only ask for the information you are comfortable providing and respect your privacy. Thank you for contributing your valuable insight!

About Nasser Albaqqal

Nasser Albaqqal is a 22 year old immigrant from Yemen who has been working with BBG since 2022. A graduate of San Jose State University, he is passionate about empowering individuals, families, and organizations to bounce back from the effects of toxic stress and trauma. His goal is to spread knowledge and understanding about the power of resilience and provide practical tools and resources to help people rid themselves of bad habits as a response to stress. Through the work he does, Nasser hopes to create content and blogs that not only meet the needs of the audience, but also helps them build and launch long-term successful recoveries.


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