Be Confident – Learn How to Speak Up and Find Your Voice

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What Does Finding Your Voice Mean? 

Finding your voice means more than just talking, or how we talk, it’s a lot more than that. It’s about taking ownership of who you are and taking ownership of your expressions. Also for me, it means taking those expressive thoughts and feelings, and confidently presenting them to the world. It’s about being authentic and honest and knowing that what you have to say matters, and you know how to say it. It’s about feeling empowered to stand up for yourself regardless of others’ opinions and to also have your opinions stand out. 

How Can We Find Our Voice? 

Finding our voice starts with understanding and accepting who we are and what we believe. We need to take the time to reflect on what matters to us and why. Doing this by spending time in places that allow us to be ourselves and express ourselves freely. For me, it’s also important to make sure that I surround myself with people who will encourage me to speak up and be confident in my ideas. Once we get this down, finding our voice is just a matter of practicing speaking up, and gaining confidence in each of our attempts and chances to show the world who we are. 

How Can We Be Confident In Our Voice? 

Confidence comes from practice. So I would recommend you do what I did, getting more chances to speak up in social settings, like participating in class/work discussions and expressing yourself in whatever way makes you feel comfortable with friends and family. I also took small risks and challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone, try this yourself, and see how it can open you up more and allow you to gain confidence in your voice. The more you do, the more comfortable you’ll become and the more confidence you’ll gain. 

Why Is It Important To Find Your Voice? 

It’s important to find your voice because it helps you become a better and more successful person. By speaking up, you can make your unique contributions to the world. You can be a role model for others, giving them the courage to express themselves. And most importantly, finding your voice can help you lead a life of love and purpose. 

Finding your voice can be a really hard thing to do, but with the right people, mindset, and practice, you can be confident. Our resources page has tools and strategies available to make your presence known and live a life abundant with meaning.

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About Nasser Albaqqal

Nasser Albaqqal is a 22 year old immigrant from Yemen who has been working with BBG since 2022. A graduate of San Jose State University, he is passionate about empowering individuals, families, and organizations to bounce back from the effects of toxic stress and trauma. His goal is to spread knowledge and understanding about the power of resilience and provide practical tools and resources to help people rid themselves of bad habits as a response to stress. Through the work he does, Nasser hopes to create content and blogs that not only meet the needs of the audience, but also helps them build and launch long-term successful recoveries.


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