Creating a Safe Space

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Let’s dive into the fantastic world of safe spaces—those magical realms that exist both in our minds and around us. It might sound like magic, but trust me, it’s all about understanding and embracing who we are.

The Mind’s Playground

Imagine the mind is a magical place where thoughts, emotions, and opinions swing and slide. Sometimes, it gets a little crowded with stress and trauma, making it feel like controlling our minds is super hard. But don’t worry, It’s not as impossible as it seems.

Creating a mental safe space starts with some self-awareness and mindfulness. Picture this: recognizing what bothers us, understanding our triggers, and using positive affirmations like a shield against negativity. It’s like casting a spell that transforms bad vibes into calm and relaxation.

The Physical Safe Space

Now, let’s talk about real-life safe spaces. Picture a place where you can spill your thoughts without the fear of judgment—a spot where trust, affirmation, and respect are commonplace. For me, it’s my cozy room or my family-filled living room, but your safe space might be different. Think about where you feel most laid back and at ease—maybe a specific place at home or a secret reading place at your favorite park. Safe spaces are very personalized; what works for one might not work for another. The key is to find your place where you can be yourself without fear, or judgment.


Watch this short video that tells us some secrets of letting go, moving forward, and finding safety.___ video encourages action, urging us to be our heroes in challenging moments.

Not Selfish

Creating a safe space isn’t selfish—it’s a vitap part of well-being. With the right tools, safe spaces bring a sense of peace and acceptance, helping us tackle stress and anxiety. Remember, taking care of yourself is like eating healthy or working out; it’s necessary for your emotional and mental health.

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About Nasser Albaqqal

Nasser Albaqqal is a 22 year old immigrant from Yemen who has been working with BBG since 2022. A graduate of San Jose State University, he is passionate about empowering individuals, families, and organizations to bounce back from the effects of toxic stress and trauma. His goal is to spread knowledge and understanding about the power of resilience and provide practical tools and resources to help people rid themselves of bad habits as a response to stress. Through the work he does, Nasser hopes to create content and blogs that not only meet the needs of the audience, but also helps them build and launch long-term successful recoveries.


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