Resilience Quiz
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1. Do you have a place you can go to where you can express your emotions, relax, and feel safe?
2. Do you feel you have a good plan for how to care for yourself and loved ones during a crisis?
3. Do you have at least one friend or close relation you can call upon to help you if you are under distress?
4. Do you feel your loved ones "get" you on an emotional and intellectual level?
5. Do you have a group or community you are involved with that is like you, understands you, or is interested in the same things you are interested in?
6. Do you have a place or group you frequent where you would be missed you if vou weren't there?
7. Do you get a chance to talk about events that happen to you in a way that allows you to process your experiences?
8. Do you feel like you have a cogent "life story"? For example, if someone were to ask you what were the important events in your life do you think you have a way of explaining your life in a meaningful way?
9. When you are tired, worried, anxious, or angry do you have things you do that help you to get calm and comfortable?
10. Are the tools you use to feel calm and comfortable safe to do and help you feel better in the long run?
11. Do you have a routine or practice you use to get in touch with yourself and your emotions?
12. Do you have certain hobbies or talents you do to express yourself or are enjoyable?
13. Do vou feel like you continue to gain new skills and try new things that are pleasurable and support your growth?
14. If you were to imagine being in a crisis situation do you feel like vou would be able to find tools and support to manage the aftermath of that situation?
15. Do you feel like you can ask for what you need emotionally, financially, or physically from friends and familv?
16. Do you think the things you like to do, places you go to, or ideas you have are so different that no one on the planet would ever understand you?
17. If something happens to you do you have someone in mind who vou can't wait to share the information of what happened with them?
18. Is there something you do that makes you proud when you've accomplished it or finished it?
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