Building Blocks for Lifelong Resilience

The BB4L [Building Blocks For Life] is a simple guide outlining 6 ways to own our power and get stronger. This guide was designed to help those who have experienced high levels of toxic stress (aka chronic stress) and trauma. With the BB4L we are better equipped to process painful life experiences and utilize takeaways to prevent further stress.

The BB4L is simple to understand, and — over time, when implemented — will show positive outcomes.

What Could You Use More of In Your Life?

Our content creators and podcast guests talk about how they create the Building Blocks in their own lives. This is a lifelong journey that helps us feel stronger and find more joy in life. You deserve to build the life you want, and our Building Blocks are a great way to start that journey.


Safety and protection is a basic need and helps us to prevent stress and promote recovery. 


A good relationship can help us weather almost anything. But what’s a good relationship?

Coping Skills

What are things to feel good now that won’t make you feel bad later on? Coping skills are unique to you.


You can do it. It just takes practice. Confidence builds, like a muscle.


We are hardwired to belong. Find out where you are accepted for being you.


Storytelling is about owning your own story. Be the hero of your own life.

Building Block #1


Start by looking at unnecessarily unsafe situations. There are three things to consider:
Your surroundings/environment
Your relationships
Your personal habits

Next, find ways to build safety and protection into your everyday environment by creating times and spaces where you can be warm, safe, and provide yourself with care and attention without being bothered. 

Building Block #2


Think about who is close to you today. How can you improve that relationship? Have conversations about what you can give and expect from each other. Try asking,  “What do you expect from our friendship?” and sharing what you expect, too.

Building Block #3

Coping Skills

What works for your best friend may not work for you. Get creative and find what will make you “feel good today, and even better tomorrow.” This is a tip for developing a toolbox of coping tools personalized for you.


Building Block #4


To build confidence, embrace failure. Failing at small things like baking a cake from scratch or learning how to ride a skateboard can prime us to fail (and eventually succeed) at bigger things. Each failure is rich with information about how to try again. For some, dealing with feelings like shame for failing is the hard part (find our mini-course on Shame here). You got this!

Building Block #5


We live in a disconnected yet connected world. Finding a place to belong is possible but it may not be with your family or neighborhood—it might be online, across the globe, or in a special hobby only a few share. Take the time to find that place, and if you can’t, consider creating one where others can join.

Building Block #6


When we tell a story about what happened to us, it requires us to interpret when it started, what happened in the middle, and where the story ends. Each element lets you create a narrative that puts you on a heroic journey—facing life’s ups and downs while always learning, questioning, discovering, and growing. If you don’t tell your story your way, who will?


What People Are Saying

I like that I can find what I need whenever I’m feeling something.

BBGTV is cool because I see people like me on there.

I wish I had these tools when I was coming up!

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