Life is hard. Learn how to bounce back.

BBG member holding up BBG Swag at Ruth Jackson Family Day.

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Dime and friends talk about coping with public housing life.


Your Hero's Journey

Turn adversity into your superpower. 6 Steps to own your life story.

Welcome to Bounce Back Generation

Feeling confused? Dealing with hard feelings? Need help navigating what life throws your way? We are here for you. Check out our tools and media. We’re a nonprofit. Everyone is welcome.

Dealing with relationships fear shame anger ?

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Spotlight on topics we care about with our brand new mini-courses:

  • Overcoming feelings of shame.
  • How can I Improve My Relationships?
  • Taming Anger!
  • Managing Your Nervous system responses to stress.

and many more.

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Why are they so difficult, confusing, and hard to find?

Fear and Love

How our brains guide our actions.

Created in collaboration with @joggingturtle


Understanding shame, dealing with it, and letting it go.


Spotlight on the power of anger, how to transform it, and how to recognize and prevent it.

Building Blocks for Life

What Could You Use More of In Your Life?


Safety and protection is a basic need and helps us to prevent stress and promote recovery. 


You can do it. It just takes practice. It builds, like a muscle. You got this.


A good relationship can help us weather almost anything. But what’s a good relationship?


We are hardwired to belong. Find out where you are accepted for just being you.

Coping Skills

What are things to feel good now that won’t make you feel bad later on? Coping skills are unique to you.


Storytelling is about owning your own story. Be the hero of your own life.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Come and Learn With Us

Each section below connects you to our YouTube Channel playlists with very specific goals.

Ways to Feel Good, includes everything from mindfulness meditations to recipes and arts projects.

Learn More are short informational videos to help you learn more about YOU.

Bounce Back is a playlist of our Podcast where we interview everyday people and experts about how they bounce back from life’s adversities.

Feel Good

Our community of creators shares with you encouragement, coping tips, and what they’ve learned helps them. Find what you need today. #feelgood15 are ways to change your mood in as short as 15 seconds.

Learn More

The Building Blocks by BBG are scientifically, neuro-biologically, and psychologically sound tools that help you manage stress, shield yourself from further stress, and help manage, heal, and thrive from adversities.

Bounce Back

Watch or listen to the BBG Podcast on Youtube or Spotify. We share real stories about the science and art of self-care, mental health, and building emotional resilience. Bounce Back with us.


What People Are Saying

I like the journal and the Hero’s Journey because it’s something I can do with my friends.

BBGTV helps me even if I don’t know what I’m feeling because sometimes I just feel like I want to go out and do something wild. It helps me stop and think first.

The resources page is really great to have. It’s hard to know where to go for help.

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