Q&A #1 – “I Shouldn’t Feel This Way Because Other People In The World Have It So Much Worse.”

by | Feb 4, 2024 | Advice Column


You are an empathetic person and that means you can feel others’ pain. But comparing your pain or hardship to someone else doesn’t help you or them. There will always be people who are doing better than you, and there will always be someone in a worse situation. The question is: Can you do something about your situation? Are there ways you could help yourself? Now, are there ways you could help those less fortunate? For some of the people around the world who are suffering, they don’t have choices.You have the right to feel your feelings for your situation, and adding empathy for others shouldn’t mean you have to choose caring for their pain over yours. Even if it seems small, using the power you have to help your situation and/or theirs will help you lift some of the feelings of helplessness and depression. Send a small donation.Like or follow a person online who is in distress. Send positive messages. Talk to others about how you wish the world could be and the things we could do to make it better. Your actions matter, large and small!

About Jennifer Dhillon

I get excited about getting people together to think about and create solutions to tackle life’s biggest challenges. For me, the stressors of life can be used to encourage us and challenge us to change, or can drag us down and defeat us. I’d like to find out how to transform the energy of stress into the power of resilience.


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