Uncovering the Truth About Anger

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Building Blocks

Identifying Anger

Have you ever felt so angry that you just wanted to yell, maybe even throw something? Well, don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel that way! Anger is a strong emotion that can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s not wrong to be angry – we can be angry about something important to us, and energize us toward positive change. But it can also be destructive to ourselves, our relationships, and sometimes our stuff (ever broken something in anger?).

We often collaborate with experts like Whitney Green, a licensed therapist, who delves into the concept of anger as a secondary emotion, covering deeper vulnerabilities. Our podcast features staff members like Elijah, Nasser, Liam, Paloma, and Shankel, offering valuable insights for both young people and adults. Watch our podcast below for a deeper understanding of youth’s experiences with pervasive anger in today’s culture.

Understanding Anger

Being angry is a reaction to something or someone. This means that it doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. The next time you feel angry, try to identify what triggered that emotion. Now it can be useful to be angry, so you need to know when to use it and how to use it.

Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism. When we’re angry, we tend to feel cruel towards someone or something. It’s easy to lose control when we’re angry and say or do things we may regret later on. If you can acknowledge our anger we can understand what’s behind it and think of ways to express it that aren’t destructive.

Anger is also known as an “active stress emotion”. It can often occur when we’re feeling stressed out. So if you find yourself getting angry, it feels like stress and stress rarely feels good. To bring yourself down take a deep breath or find other ways to de-stress, like listening to music or going for a walk or run.

Since it can make us act impulsively, slow the anger down, (see deep breathing or other de-stressors above) so you can think before you act.

How We Can Deal with Anger

For me, deep breathing can help me to de-stress when I’m angry. Breathing deeply helps to calm my mind and body, making me feel more relaxed. I remember to breathe out longer than when I breathed in. This simple technique helps cool down and think more clearly. That way I can use the power behind anger in a more constructive way instead of potentially hurting myself or others. I manage my anger, use it to understand myself better, and get ahold of it so it doesn’t control me.

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About Nasser Albaqqal

Nasser Albaqqal is a 22 year old immigrant from Yemen who has been working with BBG since 2022. A graduate of San Jose State University, he is passionate about empowering individuals, families, and organizations to bounce back from the effects of toxic stress and trauma. His goal is to spread knowledge and understanding about the power of resilience and provide practical tools and resources to help people rid themselves of bad habits as a response to stress. Through the work he does, Nasser hopes to create content and blogs that not only meet the needs of the audience, but also helps them build and launch long-term successful recoveries.


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