Mindfulness & Meditation with Dr. Jamie Candelaria Greene 

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Building Blocks

Finding moments of calm and peace can be tough. For me, living in a small apartment with several other family members, I feel like I’m stuck without any calm and peace! I’m sure a lot of young people like me struggle with meditation and mindfulness, so that is why The Bounce Back Generation podcast, hosted by Jennifer Dhillon, recently explored the world of mindfulness meditation in a conversation with Dr. Jamie Candelaria Greene. She is an expert in special education. This blog post delves into the key insights from their discussion, shedding light on the science behind meditation and its potential impact on mental well-being. Watch the podcast below, and start your journey today!

Discovering the Need for Meditation:

Dr. Candelaria Greene shares her journey into meditation in this podcast. She was driven by the realization that constant worry was affecting her problem-solving skills. Think about this in your own life, does the constant worry due to a lack of mindfulness affect you in school? Dr. Greene was interested in the emerging research on mindfulness meditation’s benefits, so she decided to explore this ancient practice. Her introduction came through a Buddhist group offering free mindfulness meditations in her community. As she delved into this practice, Dr. Candelaria Greene discovered a valuable tool for taking a break from worries, paving the way for enhanced mental clarity.

Decoding Mindfulness vs. Meditation:

But we have to understand that there is a difference between mindfulness and meditation, a common source of confusion. Dr. Candelaria Greene clarifies that mindfulness involves bringing awareness to the present moment on purpose and without judgment. For me, this means trying to be non-judgmental in my awareness and thoughts of the current moment. Dr. Greene likens meditation on the other hand to be like going to the gym to strengthen the muscles of attention, concentration, and calmness.

The ABCD Plus of Mindfulness Meditation:

Also in this podcast, Dr. Candelaria Greene introduces the ABCD Plus framework. Stands for attention, focusing on where one directs their attention. B stands for breath, highlighting the role of controlled breathing in stress management. C stands for calming the central nervous system, a key aspect for improved decision-making and problem-solving. D Plus stands for doing positive acts for yourself and others. This reinforced the connection between mindfulness and the overall well-being of everyone. 

Empowering the Individual:

In our society, we are often fixated on validation from others, but Dr. Candelaria Greene advocates for self-compassion. As young people, we have to recognize the unique strengths and knowledge we can bring. By embracing mindfulness, everyone can tap into internal the kindness and love we all have, fostering a deeper connection with oneself in the process. 

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